Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The battle to eat.

Getting my child to eat is just about the hardest thing we go through in the day. She just has very little interest. Also, she is very independent. She only wants to feed herself and if my husband or I try to feed her she freaks out. She HAS to hold the spoon. She calls the shots. She is one. If I ever get her to eat the end result reminds me of the scene in Casper where Caspers uncles scarf down their breakfast and it all ends up underneath them chewed up on the floor. E doesn't keep anything in her mouth it all ends up in the seat  of the highchair chewed up. I wonder if she gets any nutrients from this? Oh well. I also can't look at her while  she eats because she especially won't eat. Sometimes I want to cheer and be like "Yay Eislynn" but as soon as I say  that it's over and she doesn't take another bite. I do everything to get to eat. I dance, sing, ignore, look at her quietly, sit on the floor with her, sit her in a kiddie pool (that one actually worked twice), tried a new booster chair, warm the food, cool the food, serve at room temperature, and nothing seems to work. Well one thing...she will eat fairly ok if I let her watch tv while she does it. This is not a habit I want her to have so it is a VERY rare and desperate occasion that I turn to that. 

In my quest to be a healthier person I am trying to feed her healthier foods as well. In my ideal world she wouldn't like chicken nuggets and french fries...and neither would I. 

E stayed with my cousin for an evening while Cole and I went to a friends wedding. She said that E ate fine at her house. She even ate 2 chicken nuggets. So Cole suggested that we buy chicken nuggets for her so at least she eats something. My thought though does she know there is  such thing as chicken nuggets and is she really holding out for them? Also, why can't I type chicken nuggets every time I have typed nuggest and had to re-type. Anyways, not that she would never eat them it's just I want her to have a wider range of things that she likes. 

Yesterday I tried a new recipe she seems to like it. You can check it out here . It was rather time consuming so I don't know that I would ever make it often but it was good. E and I had it again for lunch today. Again she mostly chewed not so much swallowed but just getting her to taste things is half the battle. I think I may also try these and see if I can get her to eat them. 

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