Monday, December 31, 2012

baby's name

Picking out Eislynn's name seemed much easier than this baby's name. We liked it, it just seemed to click, and that was that.It has fit her from the moment she was born. Maybe I just have an easier time with girl names. Eislynn would be Eislynn or Brynn. End of discussion. No trips to the baby name section of the book store needed :). No pouring over name lists on the internet. This time however, we are having a bit more trouble picking a name. Eislynn is really stuck on a name she made up, Bayna, so I wanted to give her some other options to think about. Up till this point we haven't really said the names we have in mind in front of her because we don't want her telling everyone. She picked one name from the list I gave her and kind of stuck with it. She has came up with a few extra's like Papa wahpa but nothing serious. Once again this is a story I felt the need to record:

Last night we were skyping with her grandma and she tried to blurt out the baby's name. Again he doesn't really have one yet it's just the one she thinks we have decided on. I covered her mouth and it didn't get out :) When we were going to bed I told her you really shouldn't tell people that your brother's name is Bayna (changing names for this story in case we use one :)) She said "But I really like that name, he will like it" I said, "Yes, but we haven't decided what his name will be for sure yet. What if he is born and he doesn't look like a Bayna he looks like a Norton (again changing the real name)." She looked at my like I had just said the silliest thing, reached over, pinched my nose, and said "OH mom he won't look like that name! He will look like a naked baby" Touche my child touche.

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