Sunday, June 3, 2012

side note

This story is a perfect example of why you shouldn't say to someone who just had a miscarriage "it's all in God's plan" I believe God wants me to have another baby but I do not believe he wants me to go through the pain of miscarriages that is just an added step that is happening in the process. I REFUSE to believe God wanted this lady to have a baby at this point in her life. If it was seriously up to God people like her would be infertile not the many wonderful caring couples out there who are. Just saying. I realize there is alot more to it. Alot more to "the plan". Things are never as black and white as they seem. There isn't really much you can say to someone going through this besides sorry that sucks.


  1. I agree with you 100 percent. Month after endless month of not being pregnant when I teach 8yo whose "parents" have them take care of newborns, don't have running water or food.... You're in my thoughts and prayers Katie

  2. Thanks. Sorry to hear of your struggles too. There is definitely nothing fair about it!