Thursday, April 18, 2013

Photo Post

Whoa, lots just happened in a month! Graham was born, we fly to North Dakota for my brother's wedding, Graham was baptized, we flew home again and almost got stuck in Denver, just life. Things are finally slowing down there have been about 100 different blog posts I have thought about writing over the past month. So many emotions and so much going on. Instead I am going to just post lots of pictures. :)

Love these two with all my heart

Pure Joy

A love like no other...great grandma

The best friend a girl could have

First easter

baptism blanket made out of his Great Grandma Rose's wedding gown


brother's wedding

one of my favorite pics, when I took it my first thought was "God is good" I already knew this but something
about how sweet and innocent the photo is only affirms it. :)


The quilt his great aunt made for him!

Professional pics:

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