Sunday, May 5, 2013


I saw something on facebook recently about moms. It was something like "25 quotes about moms" something along those lines. Anyways, one of them was "If evolution really worked, how come mothers only have two hands" by Milton Berle. Well dear sir women can most certainly do enough with the two hands they do have and any more would run them into the ground :). Let me explain. I thought of this while I was feeding G the other day. He was laying in my arms and I was holding his bottle with one hand. E asked me to play with her and I told her I couldn't at the moment because I was feeding her brother. That's when she pointed out that I could actually play with her because I still had one hand, the one under G. So she put a little people princess in my hand and we played. This got me thinking about all I do or feel I need to do. It's no secret that women are generally better at multi-tasking then men, but lately I have almost been amazed at how many things I can do at one time with only two hands. Sometimes I feel like I should be doing more. I think if I had more that I would feel I should be doing even more yet and there in lies the answer to Mr. Berle's question. At least with only two hands there is a limit to what a mother can do. She must take time to slow down and only do the 25 things she can do at once instead of trying to do 50. G likes to be worn in a wrap. I have found that when I am holding him in his wrap which frees up both my hands I can do quite a bit. One evening, the evening I realized I was doing too much, I was wearing G, baking muffins (from scratch not a box), making chicken alfredo with sauteed mushrooms and green peppers, and doing all the dishes as I went a long so I wouldn't have to do them after I did all of this. This was actually quite a lot to do while having a baby strapped to the front of me, however, I did it and survived. Anyways, mothers not having more hands is a matter of survival. If I could have been doing more things I would have, and maybe not survived ;) In a way I guess I'm proving that evolution does work? or not? I haven't had enough sleep to really know what I'm talking about, what I do know is God knew what he was doing and made us exactly as we are supposed to be.

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