Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Today has been a day of questions. Eislynn is FULL of them. Which is perfect because she's almost 4 so I'm glad she is interested in learning. It is cold and rainy and blueberries are on sale for .99 a pint so pretty much nature forced my hand at making muffins. What's a girl to do really? So a trip to the grocery store was deemed necessary. With a toddler and a baby you only go to the grocery store when necessary. Today Eislynn REALLY wanted to pay for groceries. She got her purse ready, filled it with some change, told me I was not supposed to bring my wallet because she was buying, but then I had to tell her that I was probably going to have to buy them. "BUT MOM, I never ever, in my whole life, ever have got to buy groceries" Ok grab your purse lets go. Throughout the store which is hard to navigate at the moment since it's in total reconsturction mode she had 101 questions. I answered most. At the checkout she pushed ahead of me "mom, I need to give them the money I need to stand over there." Well, her $1.30 in change wasn't going to cut it. So I slipped her a $50 and told her I took it from her piggy bank so she was still paying with her money. Just so we are clear...I don't steal money from my daughters piggy bank. She pays the lady and we are off. We get home and I realize I forgot eggs...so off to a DIFFERENT grocery store we go because 1. we ARE making muffins today and 2. I can't go back to the same one how embarrassing.
Here comes the learning experience, for both of us. Eislynn gets to learn about measuring, what a 1/3 of a cup means, how to crack an egg, how to zest and orange, how to mix without making everything fly out of the bowl. I get to learn patience, that a mess can be cleaned, and to just let go a bit. I would say that some people that know me imagine I LOVE to bake with my child. I actually sort of hate it, not because of her, but because I am too type A. I clean as I go, put ingredients away as soon as I use them, that sort of thing. She loves it though and I need to do these things with her while she actually still wants to do them with me. She was SO proud of herself for cracking that egg. Meanwhile we have questions. A million. What does cinnamon smell like? Saying cinnamon is not enough.."well does it smell like toast? a waffle? a dog? peanut butter? I think it should smell like peanut butter" At one point I had to say I need to think for just one minute so I can't answer questions. I needed to read the recipe and couldn't with all the questions. She says "oh, right, yeah...you need to think. What are you thinking about, being a kitty?" This is where I have 2 options. 1. I say no and then she proceeds to ask what I am thinking about or 2. I say yes. So yes, I am thinking about being a kitty. She laughs and says "Oh yeah that would be so funny, when we would go to the store people would say hey that girls mom is a kitty" If I had made these muffins alone we wouldn't have had that moment. In that moment I am reminded of just how awesome she is. If she was watching word girl instead we wouldn't have had that.  While I was cleaning up Graham woke up so I asked her to go talk to him for a minute so I could clean up and then get him. She went into the toy room where he had been napping and pulled out her little piano and sang him a song about how much she loves him. Goodness I love those two.

While making my muffins a friend text me a question about baking. I was happy to get this text because it said to me "Hey, I think you aren't a total mess and know things about things" However, my answer was as follows "hmmm not sure the last time i tried to make a healthier muffin even a squirrel wouldn't eat it in a snow storm...literally that happened" I was flattered none the less. For real though, once during a storm I was baking and the muffins just didn't turn out. We saw a squirrel out back digging through the snow looking for food. We tossed him a muffin and I think his exact words were "no, I'm good I found some dirt"

Our muffins turned out yummy today. Here is the recipe if you want some too. http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/blueberry_maple_muffins.html
and here is Eislynn ready to go to the store and pay with her very own money. She insisted on wearing pjs..whatever.
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