Sunday, February 26, 2012

Appropriate Monsters

2 is the best. There is no way my girl can stay this age long enough. Everything is so fun, beautiful, new, and amazing through her eyes. She is just purely happy about the smallest things. At the same time she can be intensely angry over the smallest things too but that's not my point!! I wish I was better at blogging things. As in blog all the hilarious things E tells me. I don't know how many times I laugh a day because of the stories she comes up with or things she does. One story in particular though I just know I need to journal somewhere so here goes :
Last Sunday morning she was sitting at the table coloring before we left for church. She was drawing a "monster" (big squiggly mess) and said "Oh my monster needs more blue" I told her that she was such a good monster drawer. She said "Yeah,(short pause) is that appopiate? (how she says appropriate)" I told her that yes it was appropriate for her to be a good monster drawer. She then asked to watched Monsters Incorporated but called it Monsters Appopiate. I reminded her it was incorporated. She said "oh yeah, incopoated. Ok. "

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