Friday, March 30, 2012

Be your own advocate.

Something that has been a reoccurring theme throughout my journey is that doctors don't necessarily know best and this baby business is NOT a science. At least not one that has definite right or wrong answer. Different doctors have different "theories" but that's about it..slightly educated guesses.
I am feeling really good about life in general lately. I really truly feel, believe, know that I WILL have another baby someday. I just will. Someday, I just will. This is something I know and feel to be true. So after that I just need to figure out what the problem is. Was it timing? Did God know that I needed to be home for almost 3 weeks in Feb to be with my grandpa and that if I had a baby the middle of January or April like I was supposed then I woudn't have been able to do the things I did? Maybe. Or is there something truly wrong with my body and I just have to find the right doctor to help me with the right treatments? Maybe.

I made a very big step forward this week. I talked to my OB about how I just don't trust or feel right about the RE I have been seeing. Just nothing in me says "yes, this is it, this is what I need to be doing and this is the man that will help me make this happen." My OB was very receptive to this and said she agrees that if I don't feel right then it's not and we need to take other steps. I told her what I would like to try..she was ok with part of it but the other part she isn't really comfortable with because it's kind of out of her range knowledge. She told me about another RE that comes down from Rockford and she thought he would be willing to try it with me if I could get an appointment with him. When she said his name I instantly felt better! He's Dr. G...honestly Dr. G because his last name is crazy haha. He is the same man that my acupuncturist recommended. Things have been falling in to place and hopefully Monday I can get an appointment set up to see him next time he is down in the Peoria area...hopefully.

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