Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Ok last post was a bit depressing so I need to say a few silly things about my little lady.

The other day we were at the Rock Bottom Brewery with her grandma Rita Ann and great aunt Mariann. E was saying "Woo Hoo, woo hoo" she then said "You know why I am saying woo hoo? It's because my lemonade is so good, woo hoo woo hoo"

Today she and I went to Menards. When I would ask her to do something she would say "Whatever" I realized it wasn't to be snotty though. So I said to her "Eislynn, do you realize that it's not nice to say "whatever" like that and it's kind of rude to say that to people?" She said "Oh, I thought it was nice to say" (innocent look on her face) Me: "no, it's rude to say that to people when they ask you to do something" Her: "Oh, ok mommy I sorry" Later in the day I was shampooing the carpet in the living room and asked her to stay out for a few minutes. She said "Yeah, whatever"..thought about it for a second and said "Oh yeah that's rude to say whatever I sorry mommy I sorry, that's rude to say whatever I won't say it to you anymore"

The other day in Colorado she was SO excited because we told her her godmother was coming to Mariann's house. She was just giddy! Any noise she heard she would run to the door and scream  "My godmother is here my godmother is here" She couldn't wait to see if she had wings and ask her if she could do any magic. Finally her godmother arrived! She absolutely FLEW to the door. She jumped off a bench and just ran screaming "MY GODMOTHER IS HERE MY GODMOTHER IS HERE" She stopped when she saw Laura and said "Hi" The rest of the weekend she was quite happy to be around her godmother haha. It was fun.

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