Monday, August 6, 2012


The other night something rather freaky happened. Maybe it was nothing. Maybe it really didn't mean anything and was just a coincidence....but I don't think so. It was like a very literal sign from the universe or God or someone..grandpa? I don't know let me just tell you about it.

I was laying in bed with E listening to the Pandora radio lullaby station as we often do after we read our stories and say our prayers. We cuddle for a few minutes to some music then I leave and ideally she doesn't get up and out of bed 10 times and just goes to sleep :) Anyways, I was about to turn the music off when the song "Closer to Love" come on. It was sort of a surprise because although the station plays all kinds of music from actual kids lullabies to songs by Iron and Wine, I had never heard this particular song on Pandora. It is the song I immediately thought of after I heard my last pregnancy wasn't going to happen. Part of the lyrics are

I'm gonna get there soon
You're gonna be there tooCrying in your roomPraying Lord come throughWe're gonna get there soon
Oh, it's your lightOh, it's your wayPull me out of the darkJust to show me the way
Crying out nowFrom so far awayYou pull me closer to loveCloser to love
Not sure how to unhighlight that. I just copied and pasted it, oh well. Anyways, so i listened to the song and was going to turn it off after that song. I listened to it and was thinking and worrying about my current pregnancy. What would this ultrasound show this coming week? Would this one end just like all the others? I was just laying there worrying. The song was over and I turned off Pandora. The next song kept playing. I was annoyed becaue I was trying to get E to sleep and had decided to turn off the music and it wouldn't stop. It was off the Pandora icon was gone from my phone but the song was still playing. Then it hit me what the music was saying it was a version of the song "Everything's gonna be alright" I normally don't really even like that song but it was a nice version. My phone was literally playing a song that was saying "don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing's gonna be alright" over and over it was saying that. Once I realized what it was saying it finally quit playing. I realize from time to time Pandora plays for just a second after you turn it off..but it played for a long time and until I realized what it was saying. Maybe I am over analyzing(and a tad crazy..which is partly true)..but it felt like the kind of "coincidence" that is sort of yelling at you saying seriously how much more obvious can I be here lady.

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