Friday, August 31, 2012

no big deal

Tonight was.....amusing? While saying prayers with Eislynn I got a little giggle when she thanked God for "the dinosaurs being dead" because ya know they might step on her house if they were still around so she was thankful they are extinct. It was one of those nights where she was up and down a handful of times but finally I thought she was sleeping so I went downstairs. I was reading a blog about moms. About letting go a bit and how even if you feel like you are failing you really aren't..blah blah blah that kind of stuff. Then I hear it. The little pitter patter of feet. Then a tiny quiet little voice "mom, I'm sorry I pooped my pants" At this point I don't have anything left to do but laugh (while trying not to). I tell her it's ok and we will get it all cleaned up. She apologized again and I again said it was ok and we needed to go get cleaned up. I ask if there is any in her bed or just in her underwear. Luckily it was only a tiny little one in her underwear and made for very easy clean up. A few more times in her cute sleepy voice she says "sorry for doing that". No big deal, this is only the second accident she has had at night time since being potty trained a few months ago. I took the underwear off and set them with the ones that were already in the sink from an hour ago when she was on the toilet but somehow still managed to pee on her underwear and pj pants. All in a days work. :)

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