Saturday, September 1, 2012


I read an article recently talking about a new study published about recurrent pregnancy loss. I have heard of a similar study before and couldn't agree more with it's findings. Basically it took a look at "super-fertile" women. Women who get pregnant very easily but then miscarry just as easily. I feel like I fall into this category. I have been pregnant 7 times. Each of those times I got pregnant the first month we tried. This is not typical. The average healthy couple should get pregnant within one year of trying and each month you have about a 25% chance of getting pregnant. Getting pregnant on the first time every time 7 times is very unlikely. The idea here is that an overly fertile woman's uterus is basically not fussy. It is not capable of distinguishing good from bad embryos. In a month where a good embryo is not available most women just won't get pregnant but a super fertile women's uterus will implant even a bad embryo, one that has no chance of survival. So it's kind of a numbers game really. You need to get pregnant on a month where there is a good embryo waiting to implant. (A little side note I got Eislynn a shirt for Easter that said "mommy's good egg" to me it was a tongue in cheek nod to this theory. To anyone that saw her it was a cute Easter shirt :) I told Cole my thought process when I bought the shirt...I think he thought I had gone crazy)

I think this theory is probably the one that best applies to me. I don't think I should have ever had one single drop of those intralipids I paid so much for and put so much faith in. I don't know that I believe I actually need to be on lovenox right now either but I've come this far and I'm not going to stop taking it now! I think the most important part (medically) was finding something/someone to believe in. Our new RE was so refreshing in the way he wasn't making any promises. He pretty much said "Do I think you will have another baby? Given your medical history and tests that have been run, yes. Can I tell you how or when? No." Although this doesn't sound THAT comforting it strangely was. He still had a plan and a back up plan for if we wanted to be more aggressive, but he wasn't saying he knew exactly what was going on. My last RE acted like he KNEW what the problem was and he HAD the solution. He didn't though. Doctors know very little about recurrent miscarriage and even less when it comes to unexplained recurrent miscarriage.

This Wednesday I have a 3d Ultrasound with my RE. It will be the last one I have with them and then I will be released to the care of my OB. This is a huge step. I never thought I would make it. There are still times I can't believe I am pregnant and that it's actually going well. I think part of me thought we would be a family of three forever. We were a happy little family of 3 but one more is what we were wanting!

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